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Hosting DNS settings


Hosting DNS settings

I have asked 1and1 to change my DNS setting but a day has gone by and it is not done yet.

Can I change the settings via my 1and1 control panel. I've had a look but wasn't sure what to put in all the boxes?

Hosting DNS settings

Do you mean change the name server settings for your domain name?

If so then yes. You should be able to do this with ease.
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Hosting DNS settings

You back again..... Wink

You can change the DNS settings very easily in the 1and1 control panel.

- Login to the control panel and select manage domains
- tick the box nect to the domain name then select edit DNS settings from the drop-down for DNS
- Under Basic DNS settings, select My Name Server
- Enter for your primary nameserver
- Select My Secondary Name server from the dropdown list
- Enter for the secondary name server
- Click save

Wait up to 48 hours for the changes to propogate then raise a ticket to get the domain hosted on PlusNet. You can check the settings by ticking the domain and selecting show DNS settings from the DNS dropdown list.

Hosting DNS settings

Thanks Peter. Yep it's me again on a rapid learning curve! I have done as you suggested and it has been accepted. I'll give it 48hrs then ask PlusNet to host then set up my emails as my other thread you have helped me on. Thanks a lot for your patience!!!!!!!!