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Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

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Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

I had the misfortune today of my ADSL line going down like an intern, after the usual self diagnostics it wouldnt come back up again, so I sat down and thought..

oh dear, whats the number for support again?

Then I remembered an email you sent out about charging for some calls, and figured it might be in there! So I searched for 0845 and found the email, a quick scan found the number... which I dialed...

I got through, and some lady kept repeating the same thing over and over, made my mind wander, then made me think....

I wonder what controlled substances the people at F9 are on, and does it have usage caps

Seriously, the first question "do you have an account with us? Press 1 for no, 2 for yes".

Then more of the woman saying the same things again, followed by:

Do you have broadband? or Dialup, or string and two cans. Broadband, cept not at this current time cause its dead...

If you are having problems with your broadband, please press 1, if you are having problems with dandruff press 2....

More of the same lady saying stuff which I cant remember, then the final one:

Do you know your user name? Yes or No...

By this time I think I had forgotten everything, including how to breathe.

After waiting for an eternity (20 mins I guess) to get though, I got through to a nice chap who told me to change filters and stuff, so 20 mins wait for a 30 second call.

Cant fault the service though, the chap was polite and asked the right questions and made me feel he knew what he was talking about.

But I had to hang up to change filters, unplug everything etc..

Back to the phone when it didnt work, and the same horrible options!!

Best part of that "we are sorry you are kept waiting.." by this time I was shouting at the phone..

no you are not, you are keeping me waiting on purpose!!!

And to prove my point after 20+ minutes waiting the line dropped!!

I had to redial, and again go through the silly options....

Finally, after another 20 minutes, my internet connection came back on its own and I was able to hang up.

So please, for the love of sanity, simplify the options, do we have an account? No we're calling for the weather... Do we know our user name? No, we're calling for you to tell us our username and password.

That should be seperate options to simplify the whole experience, having to wait ages just to get into a queue is silly, and horrible >.< Please change it (and bring back the old music too, thankyou!!)

Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)


Dont you just love the phone systems that say "please hold on your call is important to us" Ye!! right if my call was important to you, you would have a real person answer the phone and speak to me and NOT insult my intelligence.

Press 1 to waiting a long time and maybe just maybe someone will get up off their posterior to answer your call. But there again they might not either. In which case you'll just have to continue holding on until you cannot stand it any longer.

Press2 to wait ages an ages and then be terminated!! (or give up the will to live which ever happens first!!).

Press3 if you wish to receive technical non sense that wont help you at all but allows F9 staff to have a good laugh at your expense as your also paying for this call you jerk!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Press 4 to self destruct?? (is it any wonder I hate phones?!?!?!)

Press 5 to hear this non sense all over again and get really really annoyed all over again. lovely!!!


Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

I agree the system is horrendous. I rang to report an intermittent fault - took 20mins to get through, it rang once. I got all excited thinking a real person was actually going to awnser when the line just dropped aaaarrrrggghhh.

So breath slowly , ring again.

Went through all the options again - one of the last questions is do you have a connection, well yes i do - it's not very good (drops a lot in the evening) so i answered yes i have a connection. The message then says WELL GO AND ENTER YOUR DETAILS ON THE INTERNET!!! actually it didn't quite say that - but that was the gist of it. This was last friday when the online fault reporting was down. I was quite pleased with my restraint as i didn't smash my phone against the wall.

I phoned again and pressed options like a maniac. This time someone awnsered !! a sales team member :-( who just repeated the mantra "i can't help you". It was weird every time i started to speak he just spoke over me and said "i can't help you". It was almost like i was in some kind of groundhog day nightmare.

Almost weeping with frustration i now phoned the premium rate number and finally managed to register my fault!!

As an update i am pleased to say that a moderator on this forum has responded to my desperate pleading and phoned me to assure me the fault will be looked into. That human contact transforms the CS experience and i am grateful for that call.

Anyway thats my rant over with. In response - yes i do think the phone system could be tweaked slightly to improve it (understatement of the decade).
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Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

Get this - Premium Business support takes me 52mins to get through. If the Residential one only takes 20mins i think i will ring that from now on.

** Oh and its "Press one if you don't have an account with us" - More like "Press one for an instant service" Evil

Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

To F9 staff,

Why bother conning users that you have technical support ?? when its clear there is NON!! Frankly, the phone number provided is a sick joke!! if you cannot even talk to a real person on the end of phone who is prepared to help you. whats the point in pretending their is any support ?Huh

NOP!! Its crystal clear F9 want our money and their only going to provide a minimal service ( & I really mean the absolute bare minimum) connection no matter how good or bad that connections. But if you dont like it, have technical problems tough because F9 now longer offer any technical support to customers, so your on your own mate!!

**Its the exact kind of thing that causes people like me to migrate to another ISP one who will atleast bother to talk and listen to their customers unlike F9 who are up themselves most of the time frankly. I thing its a disgusting comptemtuous way to treat paying customers. Its just like having two fingers stuck up infront of your face, its insulting frankly. (and No!! I dont think thats too strong a way to put it either, NOT providing a support service sends out a wholey negative non verbal message to users old & new). i.e. got a problem then shuv off because we're not interested any more even if you have any account with F9.

**Providing phone support is so basic I cannot believe F9 have removed this service completely, F9 have managed to alienate there own customers, and are now hiding behined there phone system. Gosh customers must hate you people so much & is it any wonder when the CS is non exsistent.

**Gosh!! Bulldog customer service & support ALL is forgiven!! F9 support has become a ghost of what it used to be.

**Unhappy user in full on rant mode!!

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Horrible Phone thingy!! (support line)

Ivan, I totally understand where you are coming from, waiting an age on a phone only to get your line dropped, then having to wait another age, is totally reprehensible, or some other large word.

In F9's defence, with so many people having issues with MinDSL, its only logical their support centre would be swamped with calls, slowing down the entire system.

My gripe isnt with the 20min+ wait time (which is unacceptable really, if call times are longer than 10 mins, post a message sayin "call times are in excess of 10 minutes, please call back later, you have been charged 5p for this call, repeated dialing will increase call charges" - which is does, trying to get to ebuyer once, good lord, hang up/redial phone bill just on the dialing attempt hit about £5 - then hang up)

My gripe is with the worst menu since Mickey Mouse said to Donald Duck "lets have on the menu, cheese, cheese, pond scum and cheese!". Its seriously bad, and horrible.

Change it to:

Welcome to Force9. For Broadband Enquiries press 1, for Dial Up enquires press 2, for Plustalk press 3.

Then technical isses, billing issues, new customer sign ups etc..

The current menu is too convoluted, and makes me not want to call it because its such a horrible system.