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HomeWorker Pro - Up to 4Mb - Product Refresh when?


HomeWorker Pro - Up to 4Mb - Product Refresh when?

I've been billed today and my account type is still set as "Plus.Net HomeWorker Pro - Up to 4Mb"... :shock:

I was expecting it to have switched over to a new package name for this billing period to be honest... although I don't know to what... should it have been?

Has anyone else on these legacy packages been moved over? Or are PN perhaps still working out what package to move us to and I'm jumping the gun?

My other concern is that as I'm still on an "Up to 4Mb" package, my connection might actually be being profiled in some way as to still limit to 4Mb - which is pretty much what I'm still seeing from the various speed tests out there. (I've just rebooted and double-checked)

Admittedly I'm still on day 9 I think of the 10 day test period (upgraded to MaxDSL on the 10th) so it's possible that it's still being restricted due to BT's settings/issues - but it would be nice to know for sure that it's not something due to the account I'm on! The speed that BT says I should expect is now being reported as 8000 (up from 4000 last friday) on PlusNet's High-speed broadband tool page.

Just thought I'd ask here first before I go adding another ticket to CS's workload - anyone on a similar homeworker package/billing date and already has some answers?

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HomeWorker Pro - Up to 4Mb - Product Refresh when?

I am on this type of account ...The name does not change. (Just speeds up to 4Mb)
My account was set to MAX but the wrong type ! Plus Net are now trying to get this sorted but it is taking its time