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Home Surf / Broadband Plus network traffic limiting


Home Surf / Broadband Plus network traffic limiting

I am trying to understand the difference between these two types of accounts for a user with light usage of web / email and ichat (Mac VOIP) with respect to the traffic limiting that applies to both these accounts.
Home Surf limits P2P traffic, Broadband Plus gives priority to web / email traffic over P2P traffic, but does not give details of other servies i.e. iChat. Is the network traffic shaping in place for these two accounts the same ?
In short, what I am trying to find out is the affect on iChat during busy periods for a Broadband Plus account ? Thank You
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Home Surf / Broadband Plus network traffic limiting

Hi reward,

iChat shouldn't be adversely affected on either account but you cannot sign up for HomeSurf as it isn't a product we currently offer. Chat protocols will sit inbetween that that is proactively shaped and the traffic for which we offer priority.

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Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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