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Home Surf Bandwidth Throttle?


Home Surf Bandwidth Throttle?

I'm getting confused:

Here, on 26th May bbrown announces to everyone that bandwidth throttles have now been removed on all account types, specifically mentioning home surf.

But on 8th June in a support ticket customer support says "...however you will also need to change to one of the other accounts in order to get the quicker speed straight away as we cannot remove the throttle as yet on your current account type", where my account type is home surf.

So what's really going on? Is the throttle lifted/liftable on home surf accounts or not? If it's liftable, why doesn't everyone in customer services know? If it's not, why was the announcement above made?

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Home Surf Bandwidth Throttle?


As far as the free regrades are concerned, these are can be processed without changing the account type. For a paid regrade you would need to move on to one of the new account types.