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Home Surf / BBYW


Home Surf / BBYW

Are there any other Home Surf customers still around thinking of moving to BBYW? I'm currently paying £18.99 for a 20Gb limit. However, the most I've ever used so far is 4Gb (inc off peak), what would others recommend with regards to moving to BBYW?

As far as I can tell, if I moved to option 2 I would loose 12Gb, loose 8AM-4PM off-peak, gain P2P, gain better hosting and gain 4 quid a month.

As Home Surf is so old are there any plans to force customers off it? Decisions decisions.
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Plusnet Leader
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Home Surf / BBYW

TBH it's completely upto you regarding the package that you want. If you only use 4Gb per month then why not change to a new package and save yourself a few quid?? - you'll gain some new features too like P2P.

Whatever happens if you want to stay on Home Surf then we have no plans at all to force you to change.