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Hmm... Having Problems Streaming...


Hmm... Having Problems Streaming...

Right Check it Cool

My friend on 2mb can receive a consistant stream of WMV from a VLC Server....
at 768kbs

Me... though.. me.... I struggle to receive any stream off the thing lol

Im on 1mb though... but the figures dont add up... 768kbs is way way within 1mb also is 467kbs and so on.

We are both on PlusNET, same services, just hes on different exchange and 2mb Sad

Any suggestions to whether PlusNET are to blame, or should I consider moving house to get better broadband :lol:



Hmm... Having Problems Streaming...

Poor again tonight. Downloads forget it! less than 1k and speed test over the last hour will not go above 1meg on the 2meg service.

Is this due to PNs servers working overtime to realign the VMBUs? or is it PNs way of getting back at those of us who are leaving?