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Hijacked user name?


Hijacked user name?


I have just upgraded to broadband with plusnet and along with the acknowledgement emails came a dozen SPAM emails with attachments sent from an address made up of my own user name and @

eg. from -

All prefaced by user or administrator or webmaster etc.

This was quite confusing for a moment or two as it was easy to assume they were from plusnet.

I am not particularly computer literate but does this mean someone has managed to hijack my username? Should I be worried? What can I do about it?
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Hijacked user name?

sounds odd?

the mods must be on a tea-break? :roll:
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Hijacked user name?

I don't know why its happening as it could be for a number of reasons.
What you could do about it is to set up a named mail box using a name that you never used before and then only collect mail from that box.

Example set up a box called fred and then only collect mail from yourusername+fred

This will stop anything thats not addressed to fred getting to you.

Hijacked user name?

"From" addresses in e-mails don't count for anything. That address is something you can choose for yourself & type into your e-mail client.

Basically, I can send you an e-mail that looks like it came from you,, or

It's an insecurity in SMTP (which is how e-mail travels round the internet) that peole (Microsoft included) are trying to plug, with great difficulty

You need to look at the headers (half-hidden information stored in the e-mail) which would tell you that it didn't in fact come from the real person

Basically, if the e-mail looks suspicious, ignore it. The e-mails coming from webmaster@ & postmaster@ are a nuisance, lots of people get them - I work in IT support & often get phonecalls about the e-mails my clients are getting from "me"

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Hijacked user name?

Could it be possible that the security options on the account have changed, and these are no longer being blocked by a spam filter? Would explain why they all of a sudden started coming through when the account was upgraded.


Hijacked user name?

Thanks everyone,

I have altered my SPAM filter settings and they are also now being caught by plusnet.

Looks like it was "The Worm.Mytob.IO, Worm.Mytob.IO viruses"

I guess it's just one more of those things to get used to.

Be aware.