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Help to Cancel


Help to Cancel

Any help on this please,

On Thursday I gave notice to PlusNet that I no longer require my broadband service. I do not require a mac code either. To-date I have had no reply from them, I suspect that I will not hear anything untill Monday now. Will this cost me extra money whilst I am waiting for a response :?:
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Help to Cancel

It depends how you let them know. Ideally you should do this by raising a ticket - then your request - and the date is documneted, and your notice period will start from that point, regardless of how long it takes them to respond.

If you did it any other way - don't count on it being recognised unless it was in writing. If you have givne them some other written request (email, or letter), then I suggest you raise a ticket now - refer to the previous written communication, and state that you want the notice period to start from then.

If you called them, then refer to the date of the call.

Help to Cancel

Thanks Tony,

I followed the lady's instructions when I phoned, and raised a ticket via the help assistant on the portal, I suppose they must be busy. At least they will take the 30 days notice from Thursday.