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Help ticket response feedback question


Help ticket response feedback question

PN might consider rephrasing the question '..are you satisfied with our response...' when closing out a (help) ticket.

There seems to be two aspects to the answer: (1) was the question answered - perhaps promptly; and (2) did I like the answer. Which response do PN want?

In the case below, we went 'round the houses' of what appeared to be standard holding responses before my actual question was answered, so the customer satisfaction response was easy.

I perhaps should say that I was seeking only a factual answer to the question, not arguing that BB+ (or more precisely a £15 package) should be something different. From my perspective PN would profit from a more frank, explicit, adult approach to its customers, rather than increasing the output of meaningless 'management speak'. In the case below, it would have saved them time and money by avoiding having to repeatedly answer the same question - although I recognise I might not have expressed the question clearly enough (?).

<snipped previously iterations>

Thank you for the response. I understand that BB+ is not 'designed' for large downloads etc.

Is 0.3KB/s on usenet at peak time within the acceptable range of your product design for BB+;

Is <1MB/s (on the speed tester) at peak time (on an 8MB line) within the acceptable range of your product design for BB+.

xxxxxxxxxxx CSC Agent 4:47am, Monday 29th May 2006

The product is designed for Web surfing and e-mail, the Usenet usage you are seeing is what you would expect on a Plus acccount. Do you manage to do any BT speed tests between Midnight & 8AM?