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Help please!


Help please!

Evening all, or morning as the case probably is (Just seen Paul Weller in brummy Smiley)

Some of you may remember me from around july time (I was shades3k), but i had to cancel my order and go away... now though, I am back - and with one hefty vengeance.

Here's the story...

Cancelled Fast24 ADSL Tuesday,
Moved house Friday,
Kept same phone number,
Ordered PlusNet 1mb Home today,
Order rejected due to incompatible product (there is no ISDN, or DECT phone etc.)

Now im guessing BT still think we have ADSL on this number, so what are the time spans on this sort of thing? Should i see any change next week or the week after? I'm hoping to be back up and running before Christmas ya see.

Anywho, Cheers in advance to Mr. Wild or any other folk that help.
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Help please!


BT's ordering system will likely still see broadband on the phone number. The ordering system doesn't allow 2 orders on the same number at the same time, even if the number has been moved to a new location.

It normally takes 7 days for an ADSL line to be ceased, so assuming your previous ISP ceased the line on the same day you cancelled it the line won't be clear until Wednesday at the earliest. Sometimes it can take a little longer for all of the databased to catch up to show that your number no longer has broadband.

If you ask Fast 24 what date your cease is due to be complete we can try and submit the order the following day.

Help please!

Don't hold your breath waiting for BT to tell you or to decide anything.
When I requested Broadband from them, I was told that I could not have it because I had a shared line. It transpired after argueing the toss with them that their records showed that I had a gizmo that allowed two different numbers to share the same pair of wires. This gizmo was removed by BT over three years ago!!!!!!

Help please!

The device your talk of is called DACS and is the baine of both ADSL and dialup.

A manual ADSL order should make BT investigate the removal of DACS from the line, at which point they would see it isn't actualy there.

In some places it can cost a arm and a leg to remove DACS, in these circumstances, BT are perfectly welcome to decline the request.