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Help on ADSL connection


Help on ADSL connection


I signed up last week to your ADSL home install package. I was about to be reconnected to BT, and thought I would be prepared, to help speed things up. I know my line is ADSL capable, as my friends have got it, all on the same exchange, in the same street.
I was reconnected to BT on Monday and rang you up to get ADSL sorted. I was told it would be active in around 30 mins. Wow, I thought, it says upto 5 days on the website. A few hours later I rang back as my ADSL was not active. The guy I spoke to said they may have been a problem with BT, he'd look into it and get back to me.
I rang up on Tuesday to see if there was any news, but the lady told me the database had crashed, but she'd phone me back.
Today(Wednesday) after waiting for two phone calls I rang up and spoke to Nigel. He said that he would raise another Ticket, try and get in touch with BT, and get back to me before 8pm.
Well, after 3 none received calls, I thought I'd try here, as others seem to have had better luck, Can I have some luck?

The quesiton is, has my line been ADSL enabled? If it has why is it not working? and if it hasn't, why after around 5 phone calls has no one noticed, or advised me?

I do not wish to be rude, but after spending £150+ to get this far, it is a bit annoying not to be on the Internet. I am currently on dial up, as my NTL account was cancelled on my return to BT. So I am now paying again to access the Internet.

When will I get ADSL?



RE: Help on ADSL connection

The line is not yet active. The form was submitted to BT on the 28th of this month, please allow 5 working days for this to become active. I would advise you use the Contact Us system rather than the Forums in future (unless of course you don't mind this personal information being communicated publicly Smiley

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RE: Help on ADSL connection

Thank you, a staight forward reply. Smiley

Although guess what happen on Monday if IO have no ADSL. :kill:

Thank You

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RE: Help on ADSL connection

Hi John,

I am concerned at the problems you've experianced while communicating with us. Due to the sheer volume of ADSL orders we've processed since the launch of self install I am aware that there have been a number of slip up's. I am keen to ensure these are ironed out and will investigate your situation further tomorrow.

Best Wishes,

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RE: Help on ADSL connection


Just letting you know all is OK. My connectio is now active and working, well kinda.

Few teething problems, but at least I am now on the Internet!!

Cheers for your help and interest.