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Help! Moving home temporarily..


Help! Moving home temporarily..


My mother has just announced that she's temporarily moving out of her house for four months while it's being removated. She's already organised with BT for the number to be transferred to the temporary residence (on the 9th October), but didn't think about what would happen to the ADSL service (she's within the first year of a yearly contract). Presumably once the number is transferred, the line at the old place, along with the ADSL connection will be disconnected.

Can someone tell me what the best course of action is here? Ideally they'd like to have brodband at the temporary house, however I suspect that would be too difficult (and costly) to organise (can she use the Move my Broadband now and again in four months?). They could probably make do with dialup for four months, but what happens to the Plusnet contract in the meantime? Is it possible to suspend the contract for four months?

Any help appreciated. I'll raise a ticket but given the usual initial responses I've had to the tickets in the past, I don't hold out much hope of the first customer support bod fully understanding the problem.


Help! Moving home temporarily..

Hi there,

Moving your adsl carries cost implications for you and PlusNet.

BT will charge PN for each move and this cost will have to be passed on to you.

Whilst you have the opportunity to deferr the costs over 5 years, at £47 each time it could prove costly.

In short, what you want done is possible, but you will have to weigh up the costs involved and decide if its what you want.
If your Plusnet account is still within the first year, if you cancel that account now, then you may also be liable for any outstanding fees due under the terms of your contract.
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Help! Moving home temporarily..

Hi Mark

The OP already said they would be prepared to use dial-up.

Wouldn't it be possible for PN to setup a free dial-up, for them to use at the temporary address, so long as they continued to pay for the original account.
Then when they move back in, when works are complete, they can go back to using their broadband.

The fact that the number has been transfered doesn't negate this possibility does it?

Have you heard of this being done before?
What do you think?

Help! Moving home temporarily..

Hi Ian.

I havent heard of it but that dont mean its not possible.Smiley

I'll flag this one up to Comms for their advice and input and see what the options are.
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Help! Moving home temporarily..

I think that the fact that BT are going to have to rewire the connection in the exchange or maybe even a different exchange? will cause the removal of the ADSL anyway.
They would then charge Plusnet for it to be reconnected when the user moves back to the property even though the user may have been still paying Plusnet for the non service.
I can't see an easy way round this Sad

Help! Moving home temporarily..

Thanks for all the thoughts on this.

It turns out that she's not on a yearly contract, it's monthly so that gives me another option. I think it might just be easier to cancel the ADSL, pay off the connection charge and downgrade the account to dialup.

At the temporary house they can either use dialup or get someone like f2s for a few months (3 months at £19.99 appears to be enough to swallow their connection charge - compare that to five years with Plulsnet!).

After that then we can re-evaluate things when she moves back into the old place, either coming back to Plusnet or whatever.

Certainly sticking with Plusnet all the way through and ending up with three deferred connection charges isn't realistic.

Once again, thank you for your input,


Help! Moving home temporarily..

Pfft good luck

See my thread for reasons.

It's a joke. I know there are cost implications, but why then tell a customer that only the admin fee of £5 needs to be paid, then expect £58

I'm going to ASPLOAD WITH ANGER!! Wink