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Help!!! I am having trouble getting mail


Help!!! I am having trouble getting mail

I recently added on a new e-mail to my account

We already had 3 e-mails set up but looks like they are all coming through the one info address.

The problem i am having is that i can send mailok but any mail being sent to my address is coming in through one of the other addresses not mine!!

I have tried everything on the website can anybody helpHuh

Help!!! I am having trouble getting mail

When you set up your mail client to receive mail, there are two ways of doing it.

1. This is your default box where all mail wil be delivered at whatever alias the sender wishes to use.

2. Name specific mailboxes where only mail addressed to a specific name is delivered.

When setting up your mail client, in the properties section of the adress you wish to use (using outlook express), there is a field in the servers tab called account name. To just receive all default mail, place your username in this box. To receive name specific mail you need username+name (e.g. mine is didit+mark to receive mail

Hope this helps.