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Help: Cannot Connect


Help: Cannot Connect

Starting the day PlusNet changed me over to LLU, I had four days of downtime. My modem's ADSL light was lit but "the remote computer did not respond" when trying to connect.

Then I could connect again, for 10 days, before once again being unable to connect. This time, however, the ADSL light was flashing. Well, 24 days later, I still can't connect. PlusNet have tried to get Tiscali to resolve this problem but have apparently failed. My ticket is now open and awaiting reply (1929332Cool. PlusNet apparently aren't doing anything about it.

What is going on, PlusNet?

Help: Cannot Connect

Hi gizmo.

As you have highlighted this issue in the Broadband Help forum also, I am locking this one.

In addition I have raised your problem directly to the Comms Team for any action or assistance they can provide.

Its better having the issue dealt with in one thread as oppposed to having two running.

Many thanks.