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Hello? Is anybody there?

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Registered: 08-08-2007

Hello? Is anybody there?


I've been around a while (no jokes) and generally been happy with the PlusNet experience. I've even recommended a few friends over the years, but lately I've noticed a gradual slide in the quality of support. Don't get me wrong, when the service works, it's great, but contacting PlusNet seems to be getting harder. This is now getting to the point where I'm seriously thinking twice before recommending anyone else, because I want to keep them as friends.

The prompt for this post is a webspace problem (I won't bore you with the details) which I reported on a ticket at 2:07pm, Sunday 25th June. We batted responses back and forth for a day or so, but then everything went quiet, so I decided to telephone. Don't you just love the new multi-tier, automated telephone system? Eventually you get the "10-minute warning", but this doesn't reflect the real world (my "life" intruding after 25 minutes). Once upon a time, real estimates were recorded in-flight, so you stood a chance of deciding whether it was worth the wait. Now it is the same bland message, with no indication of where you are in the queue. Oh, by the way. I haven't heard anything on the ticket since my last response at 4:25pm, Monday 26th June, despite a tart reminder posted today (Tuesday) at 1:27pm.

Whilst I appreciate that PlusNet are probably suffering from the fallout of the MaxDSL experience, silence is definitely not golden when it comes to support. I think we all appreciate that "stuff happens" but silence can be interpreted as a subtle form of dishonesty, especially when expectations are set but not met.

Oh well, at least it's 0845 and not 0870...yet.
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Hello? Is anybody there?

I lost my connection following the '8mb upgrade' on Monday - since then I've spent around 6 hours on hold at all kinds of different times in order to try and speak to someone about this.

Tickets haven't been ignored as such but when I'm paying for a service that I need to use in order to work from home I don't expect to be told to wait 72 hours for an update when the problem has been identified to be with PlusNet (despite the service status line and webpage insisting everything is 100%)