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Hello, A couple Of Questions


Hello, A couple Of Questions

Mornin folks.

Recently (since 3-4 days ago) i've been having some latency issues while playing online games. The games i've been playing are World of Warcraft and Counter Strike. It seems quite random and when it happens i sometimes loose my connection completely.

I've tried running tracert's on the game servers to see if it's an issue with them, but all i got was a slow tracert and eventually a standard set of results. Sometimes my connection would eventually drop.

Generally my web browsing hasn't been affected by this other than when my connections decides to drop.

Has anyone else been having problems? There was a post made on the WoW forums about this and there was a few plusnet users leaving a comment about it affecting them.

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Hello, A couple Of Questions

I'm not a gamer unfortunately, but I am aware of some users having issues with playing WoW. I believe the issue is unrelated to Plusnet - perhaps you could post some of your tracert results?