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Have they pushed the ON button?


Have they pushed the ON button?

This morning 10.46

Good,, nae GREAT FTP speed 24kb/s !!!

Even browing seems sharper!!!

Is this some error that will be quickly rectified back to OFF or is this going to stay ON...

If there has been a fix then please confirm this PN

Have they pushed the ON button?

Rather than start another thread about FTP speeds, perhaps you could post your findings in here

I'll lock this thread so we don't end up with the same discussion in a few different places. Wink
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Have they pushed the ON button?

I've not been informed of a fix, and I have been chasing for continual updates on the situation!

I expect to have further information regarding the current state of play later on this afternoon, at which point I'll be posting in here and updating the service status posting.