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Have Plusnet staff been replaced by computers?

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Have Plusnet staff been replaced by computers?

The reason I ask is that I cannot beleive a human is reading the tickets and belevive they are trialing some new system of using computers to save on staff costs.

I have had this problem since July without resolution. First ticket opened in Aug was closed by Plusnet. Now have this ticket open since 23rd October 20557809.

4:34pm, Friday 17th November 2006
Dear Sirs

Further to a BT engineer visit earlier today it has been confirmed that I am still on a LLU connection at a speed of 1mb.

I fail to see why Plusnet cannot understand that this is an issue of your making and easily remedied if you were to understand the nature of my complaint, which are listed as follows.-

1. I wish to be returned to BT MAX (plunet Response - 5:00pm, Thursday 28th September 2006
We are still awaiting your MAC key from our LLU supplier. Once we have received this we will progress your move back to BT Wholesale immediately).

2. My speed had been as high as 7mb previous to LLU transfer (please see attached ref doc which shows that I had speeds in excess of 4mb in September prior to it being reduced by yourselves in order to increase stability of connection. Logic tells me that you reduced it so you should be able to put it back up without all this nonsense of fault checking lines and engineer visits. I repeat for the umpteenth there is no fault with my equipment or tel line. (Plusnet earlier response - 8:11am, Tuesday 5th September 2006
I have now changed the connection profile on your account to increase the strength of the signal.

This will lower the speed of the connection, but if you are able to connect and maintain a connection now, we can then look at gradually increasing the speed of the connection whilst also maintaining the stability).


So after more nonsense from Plusnet I replied

5:13pm, Thursday 23rd November 2006
Dear Sirs

What is the problem? I say there is no fault with the line, BT confirm this and now you want me to repeat the checks again. Why is it so hard for you to understand that you reduced the speed in August so why is it for anyone else to do anything other than Plusnet undoing what they did after moving me to a LLU connection.

I also remind Plusnet that on the 6th of December I requested my MAC number and still have not received it. I asked for this as a way out if youu cannot put me back to the position I was in pre LLU transfer which I beleive you either cannot or will not do.

Unless the next communication contains positive news I will be posting about all this nonsense service in the members forum.

Plusnet sent the following response 1 hour later.
6:32pm, Thursday 23rd November 2006
BT would like to send an engineer to your premises to investigate and help fix the problem you are having with your broadband connection.

So why do they want to send another BT engineer after one came less than two weeks ago and confirmed I was still on LLU and there is no problem in my house.

I am now throughly exhausted by all this and have no idea of how to get Plusnet to understand and then fix the problem. I apologise if this seems confusing but there isn't enough room to paste all my dialogue with Plusnet.

It is because of the above that I question whether people or machines are responsible for the lack of understanding and resolution of this issue.
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Have Plusnet staff been replaced by computers?

If you do decide to move to another supplier, bear in mind that many ISPs will not accept LLU MACs, and you will probably have downtime and a 47 quid charge to get connected elsewhere.

Reading and understanding tickets is not a big feature of the service round here, I agree.
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Have Plusnet staff been replaced by computers?


Try emailing or PMing one of the Comms people that frequent the forums. They can shortcut the system when the people normally responding to tickets can't work it out. Try


If you do a forum searvh and plug in one of the above it will find a thread they have responded to. At the bottom of their post will be a PM and/or Email button.

Have Plusnet staff been replaced by computers?

we feel for you