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Haunting from Plus


Haunting from Plus

There's me thinking I'd gotten Plus out of my hair (after months of great Sky Broadband) when one of my Plus referrals LMK of a problem.

It's the account name imagescan and customer services said there was nothing due on the account (see image below) when he moved away to another supplier (having paid the £67 'fee' of course).

Recently he's been getting emails asking for money (£3.75) and saying his account is suspended (odd since he doesn't hasn't an account with Plusnet for weeks).

PN admit their staff member got it wrong but I'm sticking with what was said ie no money is due and the account should now have been closed.

Is there anyone from Plus looking in here who can sort this £3.75 charge? It definitely won't be getting paid so fixing things at this stage would be best for all involved.

I can no longer use My Questions as imagescan account is blocked which is rather annoying.

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Haunting from Plus

Hi dslweb,

I have created a ticket on the imagescan account, for obvious data protection reasons I am unable to go into details on this via the forums.

If you get imagescan to log into their questions on the account they will be able to read the ticket I have created.

Haunting from Plus

Hi Sam,

Many thanks for sorting that for us -it's very much appreciated Smiley