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Has Plusnet revised its response time for tickets?

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Has Plusnet revised its response time for tickets?

Ticket 20237452 opened 17.35 7/9/06 and still no response – it was stated that response times were under 18 hrs when this ticket was opened. I also have two other open tickets 20021708 8/8/06 & 20210390 4/9/06.

My request to be returned back to BT has been acknowledged and stated that I will be returned if that is my wish. This was confirmed by me, quote 5/9/06 – (This is something that can be done if you wish but we like to actually solve the problem before we actually move users back to the max product. I have passed the fault to the AM shift for you so you can get an update today), but I have heard nothing more from CS.

I feel it is most unfair that Plusnet seem to be playing guinea pig with it’s customers re Tiscali and LLU as although it has been said that it has been resolved I am still having disconnections and suffered six between 4-4.30 pm today. If I am to believe Plusnet that it has been resolved and only a small percentage of customers were/are experiencing this then I fail to see why it is taking so long for my issue to be addressed/resolved.

I have followed all Plusnets request and used the fault checker and raised a ticket and tried not to use the user forum as a way of gaining CS attention but from my reading this does seem to be the only way of getting somebody to take any notice of customer problems.
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Has Plusnet revised its response time for tickets?

Hi there,

All of the questions opened will be addressed by the support team. Your's was last night. I fully appreciate that it took a long time to get a response, please accept our apologies for that.