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Hardware and Attitude


Hardware and Attitude

I recently signed up and requested "no" to the hardware modem. Nevertheless I still got the hardware. Did anyone else have this?

I have forwarded a complaint to plusnet about clicking "no" and still getting the hardware and got this reply:

"assumably this means that must have clicked yes to order the hardware ergo the charge that followed."

I understand the errors and problems can occur but getting customer service that sucks like this is out of order. This would serious make me think again about recommending the service. Any comments from others about customer service at plusnet?

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Hardware and Attitude

It is the most likely case that you did indeed click on the wrong option. The signup process can be confusing and it is in need of some improvements but based on what I know of the signup process if it was broke in such a way it would probably affect alot more than just one person. I'm not saying it isn't broken and certainly needs more investigation by you and PlusNet to find out what has happened.
Check through the emails you will have recieved when you signed up and look at your ticket history in contact us.


Hardware and Attitude

When you sign up, you get a sort of 'statement' at the end, which tells you all the options you selected - by any chance did you print this?
Could be the proof you need for a refund?