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Happy new customer!


Happy new customer!

Well im must say that i also was a little scared in moving to plus net after reading some of these forums.

My activation date was 11/10/05 12pm and was put on the 1 meg speed.
Gave plus net a ring to tell them to put me on the 2 meg (because its the same price ) ,and bingo next day im up and running @ 2meg!

Broadband behaving very well ,so its not all bad ,some people may feel sore when they dont get good speeds etc , all that a customer wants is good stable fast broadband (with resonable down loads limits) and eveyone would stay with plus net!!

Happy new customer!


Welcome to the forums and Plus net.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new service.

Have fun. Smiley
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Happy new customer!

I'd just like to add my support for Plus Net. Things have been less than ultra-reliable these last few weeks. Yes, things have got slightly worse since September.

However, it still seems to me to be (currently) a damn good service for 15 quid a month. I am pretty sure that plus net has recently acquired rather too many customers than it can immediately handle with its previous extremely good quality. I also fully expect that their capacity problems will be ironed out.

I often do wonder what on earth these people downloading so many 10's and 100's of GB in a month can be doing with all that data. I wonder sometimes if they just collect stuff that is free, irrespective of whether they can ever use/watch it. Perhaps they should get out more and give the adsl a break.

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Happy new customer!

I *ahem* leave my jobbie dling while I'm at work. So I'm AM technically out!

I found a place with just about every Essential Mix, Solid Steel Mix, Breezeblock, Misc Live mixes available as torrents.... its cracking. Downloading a load of 5hr marathon mixes by John Digweed @ Fabric can take up a load of resource! Plus with DL speeds cramped, the UL speed seems fine! So I end up having high usage by sharing a hell of a lot more that I'm ripping. Great ratios though!
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Happy new customer!

Welcome apennington, and indeed andibailey.

I hope you enjoy your service, and welcome to the forums.