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Had enough of this now


Had enough of this now

Hello it's me again. 9 days later and still my problem has not been sorted. I got some action yesterday with a couple of phone calls from tech support telling me about the problem but not being able to sort it.

I've gave you the information you've asked me for and did the things that you've told me to do to, but still you can't work out what it is.

I'd go as far as saying that your customer support team are inept and that you don't deserve to be an ISP.

I'm trying my hardest here not to be abusive, as these last nine days have been a nightmare. One moment it seems the problem is sorted, then it appears again and I have to start coming here to get you to do something about it.

Just to let you know that I'm going to take some action, because if I'm not going to be offered some type of compensation for not having the proper servive for 9 days then that is out of order.