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HTTP traffic classed as USENET traffic ????


HTTP traffic classed as USENET traffic ????

Hi everyone,

something not quite right is going on with classification of data downloads.

With the removal of bin newsfeed I switched to a usenet provider. I have been using their serivce that allows posts to be grouped and downloaded via http on port 80 or 81 as a zip file. I haven't been doing much general web surfing this weekend but a big chunk of data downloaded yesterday was from easynews over http. I have checked my usage and I would have expected the graph to indicate a increase in http traffic due to the amount of data downloaded. The graph next to the usenet section shows an increase of roughly the amount of data I downloaded over http.
Is +net bending the rules again classing web traffic from a usenet provider as usenet traffic when its not downloaded as usenet trafficHuh??.
hope someone could shed some light on this
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HTTP traffic classed as USENET traffic ????

Web traffic to usenet servers (as apposed to usenet websites) is still classed as usenet traffic because you are still downloading usenet data.

In other words people can't bypass the traffic allowances by using HTTP to get their usenet data. I'm not suggesting you are but PN know people will try to find ways around the traffic management and this is one method they can't use.

PN know the IP address ranges of most of the usenet servers so know any kind of traffic to those IPs is usenet data, whether it is over NTTP or HTTP. They are not bending the rules, they are correctly identifying and classing usenet data.