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HELP - Confused about MaxDSL - Why don't I have it?


HELP - Confused about MaxDSL - Why don't I have it?

Really looking forward to getting 8mps speeds on my line and when I checked here: is says that my line has been upgrtaded to MaxDSL, so why don't I have it? BT has done their work so why not PlusNet?

Also I got an email saying that I've changed to option 1 or something but it still says premier on my details and on the residential broadband page so where is this option?

Heard some people saying that there is a way to skip the que, any one got any idea how?


[EDIT] Sorry account details actually say I'm on PlusNet Broadband Premier Option 1
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HELP - Confused about MaxDSL - Why don't I have it?

Unfortunately the usertools site only lists information regarding your exchange, rather than your actual line. So whilst your exchange has been upgraded it is most likely that your line hasn't yet been switched to Max.

We're in the process of putting through upgrades for everyone, however BT have placed a limit on the number of orders we can place in any one day, which is why the queue jump system is in place, to attempt to upgrade a few more people each day. If you do want to queue jump, all you need to do is visit and raise a ticket through that wizard.
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HELP - Confused about MaxDSL - Why don't I have it?

Hi Jon. When i enter my telephone number into the exchange checker ( i get this message:

No matches

The input you supplied does not match a valid exchange name, phone number or postcode on record. This does not however mean, it is not on record.

This screen can appear between master updates of the databases. These happen about once every two months. It can also appear if your exchange is not enabled or you have given incorrect information. For your information, you submitted "***********" *END* Correct number hidden by me. Its not a "master update" either, because i have checked a few times a week over a fortnight and its still the same.

When i enter my postcode in i get this message:

Results: Londonderry Waterside

County: Northern Ireland
Enabled: 20 May 2002
Colour: Green VP capacity at this exchange is currently showing as Green.
Click here for further details
Colour: Unknown You can view recent Service Outages for this exchange here
Colour: Unknown BT has published DSL Max upgrade information for this exchange
Click here for further details

So why wont it regonise my number? Will this affect me?