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Guide to moving home and problem you could have with it


Guide to moving home and problem you could have with it

Guide to moving home

If you are going to keep your existing number then allow up to 4 weeks may be more for an adsl move. it can take bt a week or two to clear your old adls line, before they tell plus net to reply for an adsl connection at new address, then the normal 14 days for connection.

If you’re having a new telephone number put in tell bt to do a simultaneous order. This will speed up the install coz bt will get your adsl line ready also give the bt job number to plus net and you should have a smooth install

Here are the problem I had with moving home and plus net customer support

Start 2005-10-13

Contacted Plus net I was moving home on the 31 October 2005

Told them my BT Job number and home address

Week 3 2005-11-01

Phoned plus net and asked how was my adsl move coming along, plus net said that because I did not reply to a ticket on the 2005-10-14 the original ticket was dropped.

First problem here is if you don’t go and check the ticket within 14 days they will drop any tickets

My problem is they did not phone to tell me there was a problem, they rely on a ticket based system that not every one checks The problem was bt could not do a simultaneous order.

So as this ticket was dropped they had to start again

Week 1 2005-11-09

I phoned to see how the install was getting on and then found out that this could take up to 3 weeks, so I was not to happy as the last customer support person forgot to tell me this.

Week 3 2005-11-21

Phoned again and was advised that order has been delayed, I asked for some one to phone me and tell me what was wrong

Week 3 2005-11-22

I missed there call so I phone them back and was told

Unfortunately your order is in delay due to SYSTEM PROBLEMS EFFECTING MANY ORDERS AND ALL ISPS at BT. We are aware of the frustration this can be causing & we will keep chasing BT for an update on when these orders will be completed. The next action on your Contact Us Ticket is due on Tuesday 29th

Week 4 2005-11-29

Order Complete


I sent plus net a ticket asking for a refund for the 3 weeks I was with out service


Plus net reply was

Unfortunately as BT offer no SLA on ADSL in the UK, we cannot provide any recompense for downtime as we will not be reimbursed for this by BT either.

So they are quit happy to take your money even if you don’t have a service

I think plus net need to improve there customer services and offer a call back service as not all customer check there tickets be It by email or on the plus net portal.


Nick Kearns
A very unhappy plus net customer Shockedops:
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Guide to moving home and problem you could have with it

Hi Nick,

I'm sorry that this took longer than normal to reprovide. Unfortunately there have been some problems causing a few orders to be delayed longer than it should normally take.

I've had a look at your account and applied a credit for the time that the ADSL wasn't active, I've noted this on a ticket on your account.