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Grossly unfair...


Grossly unfair...

My account is now in level 2 management and looks set to get slapped again because I've now gone over 15GB peak-time usage this month. Except I haven't.

My usage has never previously gone over 10GB peak-time usage in a month, but this last month was a little unusual (and unrepresentative). However, I got the e-mail notification about having gone over 10GB peak-time usage which politely shoved a shotgun in my face.

I don't respond well to such things normally, but I was about 80% of the way through the month and had only used two-thirds of my peak-time allowance. So, no big deal and there was nothing major that I was expecting to need to download anyway.

Anyhow, last Sunday I suffered a spectacular crash which took out my entire Windows partition. Managed to get my system rebuilt and everything important re-installed but I knew that re-installing all my Steam-ed apps would likely push me well over 15GB in a month.

Fortunately, I knew that my last billing month had started on the 9th May so decided to hold off until this weekend to re-install my Steam-ed apps as my new billing month should start on the 9th June.

Then I get the e-mail notification last night (the 10th June) that I'd gone over 12.5GB peak-time usage for this billing month. As the 10th comes after the 9th and I should therefore be in a brand new billing month, you can imagine that I was somewhat surprised by this. Particularly as I'd d/l-ed as much of my Steam-ed stuff as possible during off-peak hours.

So, I go to check my usage and notice something rather odd. According to the usage meter my current billing period is the 9th May to the 8th July - TWO WHOLE MONTHS.

Now, I certainly hadn't received any notification prior to my last billing that there was going to be a change to my normal billing amount on my Direct Debit - something that a company is required to provide as part of the Direct Debit Guarantee otherwise they are not supposed apply for the payment via BACS and become liable for any charges that an individual may incur as a result of their failure to notify.

So I check my payment history and see that on the 9th May I was debited for one months service and that the BACS request for this month was put through on the 9th June - although I'll need to check with my bank that this is absolutely the case. In other words, there appears to have been no change to my billing and I actually should be in a brand new billing month therefore my account and the service I am receiving should not be subject to any form of restriction per the terms & conditions of service.

As are in outright violation of the T&Cs of the contract and spuriously placing restrictions upon my service which they are not entitled to do so and thereby restricting and denying me access to the service I am paying them to provide, I've decided I'm going to switch providers. My time's too valuable to screw around getting this fixed, and I will not continue to fund companies who screw me over.

So, who should I switch my service provision to? Given that have already demonstrably and significantly breached the contract that exists between myself and them it'll be amusing to watch them try and enforce the deferred activation fee that exists as part of our (now previous) contractual arrangement. Amusing enough that I'll enjoy sic-ing the courts onto them if they try it - you don't get to enforce a contract you've already rendered null & void as a result of your significant breaching of it.

Bear in my mind that my line sucks and a large part of the reason I went with Plus was their package structure was such that they would supply the maximum line speed that my line could handle up to 2Mbits whereas most other providers were only prepared to offer a 512Kbit connection as that was all the BT speed test would guarantee. As it happens, I get a good, steady 1Mbit.