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Grass is greener? I don't think so.


Grass is greener? I don't think so.

There seems to be quite a few negative posts against PN both recently and as I read through the more historic posts. As someone who has recently migrated in, I just wanted to get a few people to try and put some of the problems into perspective.

Let me start by saying that there is no 'ISP utopia' out there. Have a look at the ISP forums on - it's full of posts from disgruntled customers and it looks to me like nobody gets it right all the time. But let me say this to those threatening to migrate - you may have your issues with PN but think twice before you go and swap them for a whole set of new ones somewhere else.

CONNECTION/SPEED problems (inc. those after upgrade) - same everywhere. People are well within their rights to question this but ranting or leaving may not solve the problem.

USENET - unfortunate that it has had its problems and slowdowns for some but you will be lucky to get this service with other ISPs. Some of those that do provide newsgroup access already throttle even on their 'premium' service and it doesn't take long to find all those 'why is P2P slow' questions on other forums.

CONTENTION - yup, that is a bit unlucky and you would definitely be within your rights to leave due to this change on contractual terms (free within 14 days if I understand this bit of consumer law) and an ISP who will charge you roughly the same price or a few £s more and......guess what....put you on a 50:1 contention (or chrge you for 20:1). Problem solved? :roll:

UPGRADE not moving quick enough? Again, have a look at ADSLGuide - same problem everywhere. Sure, you can shout about PN "kicking BT's <whatever>" but it won't make a difference. BT are BT and short of finding out where their kids going to school with a 'shame if anything happened to them' type threat, I don't think there is much else that PN can do.

'BAD BOY PIPE' and taking the moral high-ground because you "download 400Gb of Linux ISOs per month (and, oh yes, it did say "unlimited downloads)"? Yeah, right - hate to see you in an all you can eat restaurant! Also, looks like others (ref. Pipex forum on ADSL Guide) are getting on to this

CUSTOMER SERVICE - sure they will have their problems, mistakes and busy period delays. Again they all do...and some of them a lot worse than PN. My last ISP would keep you waiting 45 mins and then hang up - raise a ticket? - forget it as no ticket system. E-mail - no chance! Get angry and request MAC....back to the 45 mins and a hang-up.

And finally, if you are determined to leave, try and find an ISP that gives all of the above and a static IP, the same webspace, fax2email and (up to) 2Mb for £21.99. The good news is that all the in-migrations must be keeping PN busy at the moment so they won't delay you too much when you request your MAC key Wink

On the flip-side, I was paying £33 for 1Mb and next to none of the above until last week so I can sympathise with those stuck on an old pricing scheme and no news of change. That's why I left my last ISP. I will also concede that there are a number of posts with what appears to be fair legitimate criticism on this forum.

I hope this didn't sound too much like a rant Shockedops: but my point is - sure, maybe you can do a bit better for your needs but I can reliably inform you that you can do a heck of a lot worse than PN too so bear that in mind before you post a hard-hitting complaint or jump ship and regret it.

Personally, I am delighted with PlusNet for the easy migration, information and the fact that I now have a service and not just a connection (and £11 better off per month!). Nice one PN Wink

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

I'll second all of that. Damn happy i migrated!

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

PN tend to lead the way on many of the policy changes, leaving others to catch up. This can appear to be negative however, as communication of these changes has historically been difficult, in part due to the speed of implementation.
Even if you do find someone who seems better now, you can be almost certain that they will catch up and put in place similar policies.
Although many of these policies could have a detrimental effect on some heavy users, these are likely to be in the minority - and the reality is that PN are trying to protect their wider customer base. And more customers = lower cost service for the rest of us.
Remember that unhappy people complain far more than happy people praise.

Unhappy bunny jumping!! Ivan


I've been a customer with Force9 ISP part of Plusnet Technologies for over 5 years now, OK! so PN are NOT perfect (show me an ISP that is??) and have had there fair share of problems & technical issues over time,& Yes! at least there is a degree of openness & honesty about such problems as you've seen from reading through past postings in forums. You might not get such openness with another providor.

**At the end of the day you have to decide if Plusnet is for you or not and if your NOT happy then of course vote with both feet & cheque book (or plastic!!).

**IMO Plusnet are a very good ISP and I think you'll be extremely hard pushed to find another providor that can match or beat the service offered by Plusnet but hay!! I wish you well and good luck with that.

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Grass is greener? I don't think so.

Some excellent points there thefergies.

whilst i have had and still have certain issues with Plus Net, what you have said is very true.

Some people have been trying to get some of those sentiments across for many weeks but it appears to be falling on deaf ears.

Most of the current problems being faced by Plus net are affecting many ISP's. At least with Plus Net we have a CSC and comms team which will actually interact with cuatomers, maybe not a quickly as some would like but at least they do.

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

All I wanted from plusnet was a 1mbs connection.
For whatever reason they could not do this.
I transferred to PIPEX and got 1mbs.
I recently found out from BT that plusnet were putting in requests for ONLY 2mbs which was of course was failing.

I have a ticket which tells me my line would be upgraded free of charge in May after I requested my MAC to leave the first time.
At the end of May I have another ticket which tells me my line won't be upgraded free of charge and that I will have to pay for the regrade or wait for another unspecified amount of time.

So I have every right to complain as I was lied to.(I can post the tickets if anyone likes)
In this instance for me, the grass is greener.

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

It may well be cheaper (if not greener) for many of PN's customers who are paying £20 more than they need to do for their produict and PN promise to tell them but somehow don't manage to carry out what they say. Also the last tickets I raised with CS ALL got the wrong and incorrect answer. So the service is quite fast, so long as you don't mind the answers being wrong, hey but surely speed and 24/7 service is better than giving the right answers slowly.

And don't forget that many people who have spoken against Pn recently have all been saying that PN is great for new customers....enjoy while you fall into that may be different when you have been here a while. And why do I stay, well read up my old posts to save bandwidth.
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Grass is greener? I don't think so.

I recently found out from BT that plusnet were putting in requests for ONLY 2mbs which was of course was failing.

That's simply not correct. The PlusNet system provisions on 2mb by default but if the provioning fails it retries at 1mb or 512kb. Someone at BT is misinformed.

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

Seconded - mine was requested at 2Mbs, when it failed I automatically got 1Mbs.
Should praise them for trying to get the best for us... Cool
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Grass is greener? I don't think so.

any ISP that has this many tutorials and help pages has to be staffed by people who care about the service.

I listened to a frend recently describe multiple phone calls with another "Oh Hell" isp who could do nothing but start the conversation "you see the two little green boxes at the bottom of your screen, are they flashing?" every time he tried to speak to a real person he got "you see the two little green boxes.....
There has got to be a way for a knowledgable person to get to speak to a real live (non screen reading) tech guy. PN have always just been on the case when I have asked anything.

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

Good grief, if I am incorrect then logically I would have 1mbs, still be with +net and wouldn't be all whiney on the forums,now would I? :roll:

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

@ thefergies and mcgough can you tell us wich isp you guys migrated from?.........just curious

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

The grass may not be greener , but it maybe less boggy and cut shorter!

Whilst I acknowdge that the staff maybe very technically aware and skilled and be able to resolve technical problems, the administration, cutomer feedback and procedures are very poor.

So for me (who's in IT support) the technical issues are not a problem its getting the things done that count!

Oh and guess what - just got home and still no activation and no update to my ticket meaning nobody has chased BT for an update.....again.

Grass is greener? I don't think so.

Hi Grake,

I was hoping to avoid naming my previous ISP as I look at a lot of ISP forums and the point was that I see very similar issues arising with them all. Pricing and customer service seem to be issues with Pipex but otherwise it was 2 years of a very stable connection.

Doh! Shockedops:
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Grass is greener? I don't think so.

As Plus grows it gets less responsive to it's customers. Nowhere is this more apparent than the treatment business customers get.

PN used to be a really good value package with a couple faults. It is rapidly becoming a top dollar package with serious shortcomings. Plus' problem with the business accounts is basically that they are not developing. There are many small and medium ISPs who have not just caught up with PN they are rapidly leaving PN in the dust. I really hope that the radical changes due August 1st are worth the wait.

I hope PN does not turn into another Freeserve, AOL, BTOpenworld, but that looks to be the way it is going.