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Got my mac its goodbye from me ,and hello to?


Got my mac its goodbye from me ,and hello to?

got my mac its goodbye from me , :lol:

told this afternoon that its me and not my conection thats faulty, so im off.

been a HAPPY customer for 4 YEARs on an anual contract

my total thruput is only 3-4 gigs per month inc overheads,but if i want to download p2p usenet or simalir ( which i dont anyway) then i am capped.

my msn messenger would top out at about 100kps on video and voip, which i do use a lot, but u guessed it since sup it tops out at about 15-20kbs, which as you all know makes the video unusable and the sound very slow and quite distorted.
but according to the customer support this should not be affected. LOL.

i play the odd games server on call of duty and also ping times have increased from 15 - 25 ms to 40 - 50 ms on my server at jolt.
packet loss is about 1percent which has always been the case anyway.

i payed on an anual basis for an uncapped/unthrottled/unshaped service yet thats exactly what i have been given.

ps. i wait in anticipation for your cut and paste reply to visit the bt site.

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bye anonwick and goodluck you wont be on your own if this so called
premeir service does not improve regards trevor