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Google Rankings

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Google Rankings

Like most people (I guess) I measure the sucess or otherwise of any web page I write by how high it gets on the Google search engine using the key words(s) I see as the ones people might enter to find what I am offering.

Now - by example (only) suppose I was selling fish and chips, if somebody entered "fish" in to google and I came in at number one that would really be something!

If I had the words "fish and chips make excellent glue" on my page and typed that in I guess Google would rank it at number one! What this serves to tell me, if I am at number one, is that Google knows my page exists.

So, were I to type in just "fish" then somewhere in the 393,000,000 matches my page would be listed. Does anyone know how / if you can find out where it might be without having to search through them all? Is the a web site (Google?) you can just push your word in to to see how it ranks?



Google Rankings



eg add the search term site:siteurl

to the search, works for me I just tried it.

Well by that I mean it shows that the word IS listed somewhere from your site of course this doesn't show the position of the ranking which is what you are more interested in.

which is a free page rank checker, not sure how good it is though.

BTW this is probably my last posting here as I'm migrating away tomorrow.
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Google Rankings

Where are you going to?