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Good Value?


Good Value?

I have always promoted PN to friends, colleagues - anyone that listens!! Nothing to do with referrals.... Shockedops:
However I had occasion this week to look into adsl connections for a couple of mates and I was embarrrased into saying ' go with Supanet - 512 at 19.99 or a meg at 22.99!'
The guy I was talking to went with a 512 connection ( muppet - a different story!)
Bottom line is there is no connection fee ( now £50+ with Plusnet), no hardware ( now whatever you want with Plusnet) I'm guessing the promotion payments are going to drop off....!
I'd switch at £1 extra but I'm tied til June :twisted:

Good Value?

good find.. i'm still paying 23 quid for a 512k & my 12 month contract finished a few months ago...
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Good Value?

I haven't seen the offer, so I couldnt comment on what they are offering.

But you do get a lot of extra features with PlusNet and they have a flexible range of accounts and local rate support. Do you get all of that with other providers?


Good Value?


What account did you sign up to? was it an Easy Start? (24.99 a month)

As you maybe able to switch your account .



yip.. need to change accounts.. been working away for the past couple months so not really kept on top onf things..

Will take the point and change this pm.