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Good Bye!


Good Bye!

Good Bye All,

Alot of people here on these forums deserve much Kudos for all the effort they hput in to help members and trying to guide PlusNet to the company it once was.

I've been with PlusNet since 1999 (Free-Online) but different account.

I could list many reasons as to why I have a bitter taste in my mouth when PlusNet comes to mind and vent them here but my post is to say goodbye.

I Chose EvolutionDSL in the end, could'nt make my mind up so thought stuff it, just go for it and see. This is the way I picked PlusNet and it worked for many years.

Take care & God Bless,

Good Bye!

Bye Marcus and all the best,

I'm also off on Monday (migration date just confirmed) and while PN have provided me with a rock steady net connection the rest of the company doesn't seem to know its A from its E.

1. Communications: PN seem to have a problem with communications between departments and even members of the same department let alone between themselves and us.

2. Constant changes: The changes PN are going through while understandable have been totaly mismanaged, in part due to problems with point 1.

3. LLU disaster: How PN could manage to turn a positive or at worse a neutral move into such a PR disaster is beyond my understanding - LLU should not have been forced on customers, should not have been even deployed in anger until the migration tool was in place.

4. Service: I've not had any major issues but recent issues have shown PN's once-to-be envied network is creaking and management of the network is sadly lacking.

5. Bandwidth cap: Okay, 10GB between 4pm and midnight is more than my usual useage but can be breached easily if I work from home for a week...

6. That's all folks Wink

Good Bye!

I will be joining you soon solstans on Nildram (1st choice) or perhaps Zen (2nd choice). Just applied for mac code.
No major rants, just a bit sorry I have to go after some good years but:-
1. The ever decreasing usage limits are now to close for comfort.
2. The webmail has always annoyed me, it's way to slow and clunky, though collection is often much improved when using Outlook.
3. It could be months before I get on 8 Mbs, and when I do I suspect that the network will be hopelessly strained.
4. I feel the service is to low budget and getting more so.
5. My wife is now a full time student and my usage will soon rise, so I will need the much larger allowence Nildram offer, plus her uni is contributing towards the monthly payments.
6. I don't want to take the risk of waking up and finding out I've been unbundled without being told beforehand. I need to check out Nildram's and Zen's policy on this before I commit to either.
So nothing major, just when added together they make a move inevitable

Good Bye!


look forward to hearing from you over on Pnetters.

Most of them are crazy but Ged's sober sometimes... Wink