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God damn ICQ!!


God damn ICQ!!

Since discovering the joys of ICQ, my net usage has gone through the ceiling! So much so that I upgraded today to Heavy User Connect!! I know it is even more expensive than ADSL but 3 months into a one year ISDN contract with BT I am a bit stuck. Even at £29.99 though, I still consider it good value due to the quality of Plusnet as an ISP. And will be happy to pay it for another 9 months, just so I don't have to keep worrying about my usage figures. I've been with quite a few ISPs over the years and the only one that came close to the quality of service of Plusnet was Netcom, back in the days when they were home user focussed rather than business focussed.

(Is that ok chaps, did I sound convincing? Smiley )

RE: God damn ICQ!!

> (Is that ok chaps, did I sound convincing? Smiley )
Very Wink
I remember my first *boom* of using the internet, a few years back now. Thankfully, several-hundred-pound phone bills are a thing of the past with FRIACO Wink
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