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Goal Posts Move again


Goal Posts Move again

When I signed up to my 2mb plusnet account (#21.99 a month) plusnet were introducing fair usage but it looked as if I would be able to download up to 50GB a month at a min (seems quite fair to me, on my other plusnet account I was doing 100+ GB a month and they never complained for 2 years, plus when fair usage was discussed Plusnet were quite open that 35GB a month would be quite acceptable). Now it seems that if I download more that 10GB a month during peak times my connection gets throttled! and I can't download more than 15GB a month during peak times!

So what happened to the account which I signed up for which had NO traffic shaping and a fair level of usage?

If I cancel my account do I still have to pay the #58 cancellation fee given that the service I am now being offered bares no resemblance to the one I signed up for?

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Goal Posts Move again

"The moving finger writes and having writ"
Moves on and writes another little bit!

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Goal Posts Move again

I also find its a total change for the worst for me, and with all the problems of late it no longer gives me confidence to stay.
But saying that, a lot of isp's are changing the way thay set out their products.
If thay had changed to a hard cap with the ability to buy more bandwidth when needed and not trafic shaping I may have stayed here.:?:

For some its all ok and full speed ahead, so its all down to personal choice I made mine and I found my new isp and it looks like I can live with their layout Cheesy