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Giganews Usenet SSL


Giganews Usenet SSL

Hi there somebody,

Firstly why does the Giganews speedtester on its website reckon I can download at 6mb/s but when I actually try and download anything I get about 10k/s although a couple of months ago I could easily get 300k/s

Also I have just switched to their SSL service hoping to avoid PlusNets traffic shaping but that doesn't seem to work either, any clues? anyone tried it?

Thanks for your time

Giganews Usenet SSL

Snap... except i'm in Easynews, not Giganews. Speeds of 10K-30K via HTTP or HTTPS/SSL and always fluctuating slow, really slow, slow, tiny bit faster then back to slow etc...

Used to get 400K+.

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Giganews Usenet SSL

At a guess I would say that the Giganews speedtest is done via the web and therefore bypasses plusnets speed restrictions for usenet. Having said that I'm getting well over 200k with Giganews this afternoon - much better than the weekend.

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Giganews Usenet SSL

Giganews' speedtest is 99% likely to be HTTP traffic so as such would be prioritised above Usenet traffic, hence the descrepancies in speeds.

Giganews Usenet SSL

I think that the traffic management rules for usenet traffic are based on known IP ranges of the servers, so regardless of whether the traffic is encrypted or what port is being used, the ellacoyas will still restrict nntp traffic.

Earlier this year, Easynews enabled usenet articles and attachments to be downloaded via http so it seems PlusNet then clamped down on all protocols originating from usenet providers, initially to the point where even accessing their main webpages became nigh on impossible! (Thread)
That eventually got corrected so the provider websites worked again and as the speed test presumably uses http protocol, that is why it will report a higher value.

So I'm afraid that SSL isn't likely to be a work-around for you; PlusNet are certainly wise to SSL being used to cloak traffic after all the PTP users tried switching to it last year, but ultimately - if they know your traffic is originating from a usenet server, then they know what it is!

Giganews Usenet SSL

Hmmm, I know I can be fooled by salesspeak sometimes, but Giganews assured me that SSL would fool traffic shaping as PlusNet wouldn't be able to tell it from normal HTP traffic

I guess I'll get my $5 a month back eh?