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Getting problems sorted

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Getting problems sorted

I do believe in using the correct procedures,however, I have noted more frequently you have to air your problem on this Forum to achieve a result.

I am trying to move my broadband to a new house. I tried using the simultanous method but Bt could not get an engineer's appointment so I tried the Cease and Reorder on Plusnet web page. This was rejected as it stated that ADSL was not available on the line.
The line at my new home is not being activated until 13 Sep, so thinking that this could be the problem I created a query. A reply was received that the order could not be placed until 13 Sep but did not say I could not place my request before that. I raised this point and what did I receive - a stock reply from someone in BOT - DSL Logged Faults telling me that I could order ADSL and it would cost £52.88.
Obviously my last submission had not been read, or the person reading it was still half asleep(it was 10am on a Sunday morning)
I replied that I was aware of the conditions and could they answer my previous comments. I have had no reply since.

Can someone from CSS just inform me if their system does not cope with requests in advance and I have to wait until the 13 sep when my line is activated?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Getting problems sorted


I've replied back to your ticket, if you add the details I've asked for that would be appreciated.

Essentially unless the Sim order process works we can only place the order at the new property once the phone line is active (because technically until this point you don't have a BT contract for that line). Once it's active we can then place the order.