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Getting my MAC . . .


Getting my MAC . . .

and I'm going!

I started out a couple of months ago signing on for the FREE Signup and FREE hardware on 2mb PAYG. It wasn't free - leaving will cost me about £80 plus migration at a guess in deferred fees. It wasn't 2Mb because apparently my exchange only supports 512k.

It's such rubbish value - 512k capped for £16 a month and stay for 5 years before deferred setup goes away. I'm paying to get out because they aren't honest in their trading tactics, and the forums say it all - there aren't many as bad as this.

I'm gonna try E7 - my Bro-in-laws got it and they are fine. also a lot less & uncapped, so it should go a long way to cutting my losses.

Don't worry PlusNet - I'll put a word in for you with everybody. :twisted:
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Getting my MAC . . .

So I guess you are blaming Plus for your BT exchange only supporting 512 then?
I can understand you being annoyed regarding the free setup thing and all...............but.......ah nm :arrow:
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Getting my MAC . . .

Unfortunately it would seem that BTare the oes to blame for this customers dissapointment.

If the customer was able to receive 2mb or even 1mb, then the value for money would have been greatly increased.

I can empathise with the customer in a way, as I am only able to receive 1mb speeds - however I pay the same monthly fee as someone that has 2mb - this is clearly not Plusnets fault, its the limits of the technology, so I can hardly put the blame on PN for it.

Without offering a product specficaly aimed at every set of circumstances, there will always be people signing up to broadband that may find more suitable products than those on offer with Plusnet. The trick is to ater for as many as possible with as little confusion as possible.

Could you imagine the confusion new signups would have if there were a product for every conceivable set of circumstances?

It is unfortunate that the customer was not made aware of this limitation before signing, but doing these checks for every customer would be an administrative nightmare, thats if BT cooperated with such requests for information just on pottential customers, never mind existing ones.

It seems a set of unfortunate circumstances has brought about this customers migration, not any fault of Plusnets.

I trust this customer will find an ISP that has a product available that more suits his needs.

Good luck! Cheesy

Getting my MAC . . .

Nope I'm not actually saying it's PN's fault BT's line only supports slow speeds, I was just qualifying how it all ended up a crap deal, and that PN's pricing structure really glares as a bad deal when you become one of the inevitable percentage of customers who manage only that speed.

My point is that PN played an active part in signing me up with a tricky deal process which I really regret not trawling their website to unearth. Shame on me for not assuming they were this devious, I should've known better.

Anyway, I asked for a MAC saying why the deal was horrible, and they said ok - I just need to say I promise to agree that I owe them £83 to get out first, which I already did by the way. They didn't beg me to stay, didn't offer me a better deal, just see ya sucka (oh alright they didn't actually say it Mr T style...) and don't forget our money.

Ahh piddy th' foo'...

Oh another thing - even BT said that if you left them early, pay for the hardware or send it back. Lots of ISP's say that too. Guess what PN said? We don't want the hardware back. Cash'll do.

Getting my MAC . . .

Guess what PN said? We don't want the hardware back. Cash'll do.


and finally...

Just FYI,

If you check out E7's line checker, it will show your exchange, and what it's capable of supporting.

The initiated could also use direct tools to access exchange status etc of course, but this is the easiest route I've seen to finding out before committing that your line only supports so much.

Pity you can't get that with PlusNet BEFORE you sign.