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Getting fed up with crappy BT


Getting fed up with crappy BT here's my story! (bear with me)


My Plusnet Premier 2mb line was due to be activated last saturday in my new flat in Brentwood, Essex, but I got an email Friday afternoon telling me it had been done early....surely this could only be good news?

I get to my flat and fire up the new router with my PN username and password...only to get an authentication failure. OK so I had just come in from a night out in London and was half cut, but I've done this a million times - surely I couldn't have got it wrong? I put it down to the fact PN might have accidentally sent the email early and thought I'd wait till Saturday as per my original email.

Saturday afternoon comes, still no broadband Sad PN get me to log in with a couple of different logins - one with on the end (which failed), and one with @startup_domain on the end, which worked. Ah ha. My authentication requests are obviously not being sent to the PN servers.

The fault has been escalated to BT, and since then (Sunday) BT have done bugger all. They reckon it's an equipment fault, but surely if it was everyone else in Brentwood on Plusnet would have the same problem? Who knows, I work in IT but unfortunately the ins and outs of ADSL authentication routing isn't my speciality. They've also tried to blame it on my line (er...nope...the guy that lived in my flat previous to me had broadband no problem), and have also said they might need to visit my flat. WHY O WHY? The problem is with you!

What really amazes me though, is that BT don't know (or won't say) how long it's going to take to fix the line. Do you not know what you're going to be doing in a day? Do you just make it up as you go along, based on who shouts the loudest? Seriously guys @ BT, at least an ETA would be appreciated. People like me get rattled not knowing stuff. And you make Plusnet look crap, when they are the good guys in all this! When I become rich and take over the world, who wants to join DaveNet and put BT noso-wholesale out of business?!!! :-)



ps - Anyone want to explain to me how ADSL authentication works with regards to Plusnet & BT Wholesale?

pps - It's probably worth noting how good PNs customer service is, and I truly was amazed how quickly they answered the phone the first time I rang customer services! (oh and my call wasn't routed through to call centre with half-english speaking operators, which is always a bonus *cough* NTL *cough*)

ppps - If you're reading this Mr BT Man, please just fix my broadband and I apologise for slagging off your (very disorganised) company. I just get a bit tetchy and impatient when using dialup.
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Getting fed up with crappy BT

Sounds like the usual rubbish from BT. They really have gone downhill since they moved faults to India.
Endless routing scripts (press1, press 2 ....) that bring you back to where you started and when you do get threw they give you all this its your fault we need to send someone round - how does a week in 2007 suit ?
And they also dont have access to you account details or previous fault historys ... so you have to start again each time.
Took me 4 weeks to speek to a manager in a UK exchange to fix a simple broken earth problem.
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Getting fed up with crappy BT

Good old BT I feel guilty when I moan about them I am sure the staff are very good but bound by the arcane rules of an dinosaur company.

But there you go BT are rubbish even if staff aren't!