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Getting a "reactivation code"


Getting a "reactivation code"

Hi Folks,

Can someone please help me get a reactivation code from BT?

My phone line was cut on 31 August by contractors building a road. I raised a fault with BT who "re-routed" (their words) my line on 1 September.

Since then I've been unable to get an ADSL sync with my modem.

Now I'm getting the runaround....

I've phoned Plus Net: "you need to ring 150 and get a reactivation code, otherwise raising the fault will incur a charge against you"

I've phoned 150: "we don't give reactivation codes, you need to phone BT Broadband"

I've phoned BT Broadband: "Your ISP needs to raise the fault with us"

Does anyone know a BT number I can ring to get a reactivation code?

Many Thanks,
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Getting a "reactivation code"

Hi Darren,

Your ADSL service is still showing as active so the best thing for us to do is raise this as a fault and let BT Wholesale investigate it. So long as you've done all the normal checks we ask, which is essentially what's asked in the following questions

1. Has the cabling between your modem/router, the BT wall socket and your PC been checked?

2. Have you powercycled your modem/router and PC (ie turned it off and then on again) ?

3. Have you checked your microfilters/faceplate ? (the best way to do this is to try two different microfilters).

4. Are all other devices elsewhere in the house/premises which are plugged in the main phoneline circuit through other sockets/extensions also plugged into a microfilter/splitter (ie are they also filtered). ?

5. Is the telephone line noisy at all (ie is there crackle / hiss / background noise) when making a normal phonecall when the phone is plugged into a microfilter/splitter into the main socket without the adsl equipment connected ? If there is please ask BT to check your phoneline itself.

6. Have you tried the connection with *ONLY* the ADSL equipment plugged directly into the mastersocket through a microfilter/splitter and no other things plugged into any other extension sockets in the house/premises. Please note that this test is *VERY IMPORTANT* as it removes the chances of the problem being with internal wiring or other faulty equipment (phones (including cordless ones), faxes, skyboxes etc) being the cause of the problem. We can appreciate that this can be inconvenient but a lot of faults are caused by this. This is especially important for accounts that have never worked or if you have installed any other equipment which plugs into the phoneline.

If you can add the answers to those questions (BT request we answer them for all sync faults) to your ticket it should speed things up and we can get this resolved for you.

From the sounds of it, the line re-route has done the PSTN side of your service but not the ADSL, maybe it's different copper. The faults guys though should be able to find this out.

Getting a "reactivation code"

Thanks Dave,

I'll update the support ticket to confirm that I've performed all the tests.

Best Regards,