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Genuine Suggestion


Genuine Suggestion

More phone monkeys, more lines, more customer service.

I've tried 4 times today to call, each time holding for 30-45mins. This is so far beyond acceptable that I can't even see acceptable as a dot on the horizon.

I've just used the 'Contact Us' form to request the closure of my account - but to help stem the flow of people doing what i'm doing, simply follow my suggestion. I can't imagine what else you're doing with our money - technically speaking the service is atrocious.

Genuine Suggestion

you are not alone. something is afoot at plusnet and i do not expect it is anything good. i have spent in excess of 7 hours this week on hold, trying to get through to telephone support. i do not think there is a single person manning the lines.

i too requested a MAC so i can go to a provider that can actually provide internet access. however, over 30 hours later, still no reply.

i saw a post elswhere on this forum by plusnet staff alluding to 'upgrading' telephone support systems thursday just gone. whatever upgrade has been done, it has not made a fig of difference.

the board of plusnet can surely not be totally unaware of what subscribers think about plusnet/metronet, yet nothing is being done. it is only a matter of time before the news reaches threadneedle street. perhaps then, something might be upgraded or terminate.

plusnet certainly deserves what is coming; hopefuly other isps will learn from this.