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General: Forum Bright Spark FAQ

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General: Forum Bright Spark FAQ

Tutorials & FAQ : General : Forum Bright Spark FAQ

What Is A Forum Bright Spark?
A forum Bright Spark is a poster who has been identified as being a person who brings a lot of value to the forums and is willing to help other users.
Bright Sparks don't necessarily know it all, but are users who are generally seen to be helpful and knowledgeable on one or more area which is important to the forums.

What is the point in this award?
To recognise posters who have helped other users and generally contributed to the overall community feeling we are trying to establish on the forums. It may also help newcomers to the forum to identify posts from people who are seen to be helpful in the forums.

How do I become a Forum Bright Spark?
A PlusNet customer who is a paid account holder (be it a normal user, Tutorial Team Member, Forum Moderator or PlusNet Staff) can nominate someone. You can not nominate yourself.

How do I nominate someone?
You can nominate someone by sending a PM to one of the Forum Moderators with the name of the person you wish to nominate and a brief reason for it. The moderator will then pass details onto the rest of the Moderators who can then make a joint decision.

Who isn't eligible to become one?
PlusNet Staff, Tutorials Team Members and Forum Moderators are not eligible to become a Forum Bright Spark, mainly because they already hold a Special forum Rank.
Anyone who has been warned for their forum conduct or has been banned from the forums in the last 30 days is not eligible.

Why did someone I nominated for the award get rejected?
It will either be because they fall into one of the categories mentioned above or they are seen as unsuitable for another reason, usually based on recent forum posts from that user.

How can I tell who's a Bright Spark and who isn't?
Each Bright Spark has a special forum rank appearing below their username name and above their avatar in their profile and posts. They can also choose to display this in their signature, although this must be removed should they no-longer hold the rank.

How long does someone hold the rank for?
The rank is awarded for 30 days, and will be reviewed by the moderators on a monthly basis, if the poster continues to help other users in the forum then generally they would continue as a Bright Spark for another month.
If a Bright Spark is warned for bad forum conduct or has their forum access suspended then the award is removed. Posters who do not post to the forums for 30 days or more will also revert back to normal users.

How many Bright Spark are there?
There is no limit to the number of Bright Sparks at any one time.

Isn't this just a clique group or organisation?
No, it's not a club or group and the contribution of the posters who hold the 'Forum Bright Spark' rank is visible in a number of posts. Being a Bright Spark doesn't make someone a member of an organisation, they are all just individuals who use the forums.

Why can't users vote on who gets an award?
It would be impractical to take any sort of vote on this. At the end of the day its just for fun and recognition of useful posters and doesn't give anyone any special access rights, free internet access or any other privileges.

What if I don't like the way this award system works?
We are open to constructive comments (in the Feedback Forum) and suggestions (in the Ideas forum). However if you don't agree with the idea, don't nominate people, simple as that.

What if I've got a complaint about a Bright Spark?
This should be raised to the Forum Moderators in the same way as any other complaints about another forum user, all are treated equally and someone's special rank will not give them special treatment from the Moderators.

A Bright Spark gives a wrong answer to a forum post?
Like everyone else sometimes people are right and sometimes they are wrong, the best thing to do is point it out politely in the thread.