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General Disquiet


General Disquiet

I've been flicking through a few other ISP forums and it seems like PN have a lot of unhappy customers here. The majority of the topics in the forums here are from people complaining about speeds, throttling, P2P, deferred fees, leaving etc etc. Since I've been keeping my eye on the forums here PN staff are fielding all sorts of complaints, plugging holes and fire fighting all day long. Other forums I've visited have a few isolated incidents where peoples problems get sorted and everyone goes home happy, their customers generally use the forums for computer issues and not poor ISP performance.

Has anyone else noticed this? Surely Plusnet can't have the most unhappy customers in the UK. Do other ISPs hide their gripe pages from public view or are PN really that bad?
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Plusnet Staff
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General Disquiet


It's one of those difficult questions to answer really. Are the number of posts here from people with issues higher than you may see elsewhere because there are more people that have issues than other ISPs or is it because PlusNet customers are more likely to post on a forum or a newsgroup than some other ISPs are is it because posting about it will help them find a solution either through the community of other customers or from the Comms team and other PlusNet staff that post here.

Having worked at two different ISPs (previously Freeserve) I don't think we as an ISP have any more problems than they did it at the time I was there but we are certainly more willing to talk to our customers about the problems and be open and honest. At Freeserve when I was there support agents were encouraged on occassions not to admit to problems and took a very dim view of anyone posting on ADSLGuide for example.

I don't know how much this is telling but when you look at the Thinkbroadband forums for example, the top three ISP forums in terms of number of posts are our's, Zen's and Entanet's, not BT Retail, Tiscali, Orange, NTL/Telewest/Virgin, AOL who you think are the bigger in terms of customer numbers.

I don't think that we have the most unhappy customers at all but I do think we have a lot of customers that want and like to take part in the community, we like to promote the community and self help and actively take part in it which all drives the debate about our products about problems that we see and helps people to understand what we do and to resolve issues.

General Disquiet

I don't know.
However, I would not have ventured to explore these discussions, and then post, had I not experienced very poor support in help and support. At the end of my tether with frustration, I came here, and was given help.

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General Disquiet

This is sod all compared to what I remember when I was with Telewest/Blueyonder a couple of years ago...

Besides, in the main I only come in here to moan, and I imagine the same applies for quite a few people.

I've been quite happy since I upgraded to Premier. Ok, the gradual dumbing down of BB+ which led to me upgrading to Prem still leaves a bit of a sour taste but still, I've no reason to fault the service I've seen since I did.

If everyone who was happy with the service started a new thread every evening saying as much, I daresay the happy threads would outnumber the complaints.