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Gaming profiles.... You'd think it would be easy


Gaming profiles.... You'd think it would be easy

Well, after reading on the forum about the gaming profiles I thought i'd make sure a game is listed. Not as easy as it seems though following this ticket conversation:

Your original Question 3:13pm, Tuesday 26th September 2006
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Hi, this is a request for gaming ports to be added to the "high-priority" queue in the traffic shaping router. The game is "Legend of Mir 3" at The ports used are TCP 7000, 7100 and 7208.

Many Thanks

Mark Poole CSC Agent 3:16pm, Tuesday 26th September 2006
Dear Mr,
Please can you advise if you are currently having latency issues while playing this game?

Mark Poole

Your comment 11:06pm, Tuesday 26th September 2006
Yes, me and 3 other friends who are also on Plusnet have major latency issues at peak times. This is something that has started recently (few weeks) and is not a computer configuration issue since it affects all of us, at different locations using different hardware.

Your comment 11:06pm, Tuesday 26th September 2006
Btw we are all playing the same game, Legend of Mir 3.

Gary Beardshaw CSC Agent 9:03am, Wednesday 27th September 2006
Dear Mr
This may be because interleaving has been applied to your line recently in an attempt to stabalise the service. We can turn this off for you however this may affect the speed of the service.

Please advise how you wish to proceed.

Kind Regards,
Gary Beardshaw

Your comment 7:23pm, Wednesday 27th September 2006
You made it sound so simple in the forum to get this added... obviously not the case, nothing is simple with plusnet.

First and most importantly the account that ive raised this ticket on is NOT on interleaving. I assume that your looking at my other account which IS on interleaving. Please at least try and bring up the correct customer details when answering a query.

If you read the earlier ticket it says "a few weeks" since the connection has deteriorated greatly, and the (incorrect) account details you are looking at, interleaving was applied months before that, so its irrelevant anyway.

The lag at peak times makes the game UNPLAYABLE, this would not be due to the extra 15-30ms introduced by interleaving.

The game runs fine over a 56k modem connection with 250ms+ ping times.

The game runs fine at off-peak times such as 9am in the morning.

As also stated in the original ticket, this is affecting 4 of my friends all on plusnet, not all of them are on interleaving.

What im saying here is please restore a bit of my faith in pn and just add this game to the high priority profile.
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Gaming profiles.... You'd think it would be easy

Could you add your request to this thread? I'll make it so that we keep an eye on requests in here :

Gaming profiles.... You'd think it would be easy

Well no answer so.....

When i asked this question i forwarded it to other friends who also play the same game to raise a ticket. Their questions have been answered days ago. Why hasnt mine? I expect you've sent it to the wrong account or something, or maybe your just lazy. In any case it seems the only way to get a response is to gripe on the forums with the countless other users doing the same. (at this point ill take any response, without being greedy and asking for a sensible response)

Gaming profiles.... You'd think it would be easy

Thats done the trick Smiley Answered.