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Game disconnections since "Light restrictions..."


Game disconnections since "Light restrictions..."


Since I received the email "Your peak-time usage for this billing month just exceeded 13GB. Light restrictions will now apply to your connection speeds until the end
of the current billing month." which was few days ago my connections is very unstable. I only noticed that while playing World of Warcraft and keep getting disconnected at least 2-3 times an hour and some major lag spikes which never happened before.
I've tested another router same thing also tested on another ethernet card and updated to latest driver for ethernet card as suggested by Warcraft tech support.

Also noticed this on few other online games that I'm playing the speed and lag has become major issue since the "implementation of light restrictions on my connection"

Is anyone else having the similar issue with World of Warcraft and plusnet or any online games since getting the same email?

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Game disconnections since "Light restrictions..."

have you tried messing about with the microfilters (namely, if you've not tried it, deffinately pluging the modem straight in to the master socket)?

i had a pretty much unrelated problem a while ago that involved the same kind of symptoms (disconnecting every 15ish minutes and bad pings, though only during peak time). people here said it had nothing to do with plus net, and moving the micro filters around seemed to suggest they were right by fixing the problem, but the whole 4pm to 12am thing still makes me wonder.
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Game disconnections since "Light restrictions..."

Do the disconnections only occur between 4pm - midnight? Gaming should still be perfectly fine at light restrictions as it is still prioritised and still allowed up to 2Mb in bandwidth.

Game disconnections since "Light restrictions..."

Thanks for the reply's...

I haven't changed microfilters as it was working fine before the restrictions were applied on my line so I'm pretty sure it's not hardware related on my side, but thanks for the info I may try that if nothing else works.
The disconnection are happening through all day of playing I haven't tested after midnight though, maybe I should as it seems the speed becomes more stable soon after midnight which I assume is when automatic restrictions are disabled!?

My billing date should be today so I’ll see if it still keeps happening after the line restriction are removed.