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Fudging the Figures !!!


Fudging the Figures !!!

I was one of the unfortunates caught out by PlusNet's failure to provide adequate backup of the ccgi webspace. For those who can't remember it emerged on 11 August and the latest Service Status message (15/08/2006 @ 18:00) shows:
CCGI Problem - (Ref 34496) - RESOLVED
... and the CGI status board has been showing green for "5 Days 15 Hrs 29 Mins" as I write.
I've finally got them to acknowledge that the fault hasn't been cured ...
I do apologise for this problem, but we are currently investigating a problem of this nature. We hope to have this resolved shortly, but for further updates, please refer to the Status page

How many other unresolved issues with fudged figures are there out there?

me also

I must also be one of the unlucky 10 that didn't have their cgi space restored.

no problem, as i am leaving asap.