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Ftp and port blocking?


Ftp and port blocking?

Well my problem arises not from connecting to FTP sites, but Listing directories on them. I can list perfectly on servers running on default port 21
, i can also connect on non 21 ports, but just cant manage to list !!

it used to work perfectly a month or two ago, now nada !!
2 examples of the ports there being run on


im on the 18.99p/m package. which i believe has the p2p ports blocked (which i dont need)
duno if thats effecting it.. im sure its not a firewall/nat problem.

.. ideas anyone?

Ftp and port blocking?

These ports in question are not blocked, so that rules that out.

In adition, the £18.99 package no longer uses port blocks to filter out P2P usage. Instead, the Ellacoya packet inspection platform is able to determine if the traffic you are sending is P2P, and block it this way.

IE, It can tell the different between a FTP application running on the default port, and a P2P application mimicing this by running over the same port (block p2P, but not FTP).

Have you attempted to switch between passive and active mode>

Ftp and port blocking?

yeah i have attempted it, i dont think its port and pasv problems.

something is being blocked... i stripped my security to the bare bones, and still wasnt working..

can you or anyone connect to ftp sites running on high numbers? on similar package.

Ftp and port blocking?

so i raise a ticket, to try and get this resolved, i tell them it started near about the time of the new p2p filtering. and the solution is......

"If the problem did start when the filtering came into effect, then you might
want to look at moving to a none home surf port blocked product? we cant remove
this on an individual basis.


so i have to pay more money, to log on to FTPs? pfffffffft.
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Ftp and port blocking?

Actually, I belive it would be less broadband plus is £14.99/month and does not block p2p or usenet, instead slowing them. However I have a hunch the agent may be wrong, would Ben or Dave like to comment?
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Ftp and port blocking?


If those ports are used by P2P applications then on Home Surf they would be blocked. If these are causing problems with FTP have you tried disabling passive mode and using active instead?

Ftp and port blocking?

Yes, Passive and Active modes are definatly not the problem.

i need to know if anyone on a home-surf product is able to connect to ANY PORT running above 21.... if the answer is yes, then i could assume those ports are used by some p2p program.