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Frustration with ticket process...

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Frustration with ticket process...

Does anyone else get frustrated with the support ticket process?

I'm still finding that the first response is frequently meaningless as the agent hasn't really read the ticket, and then there's never an apology from the next agent
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Frustration with ticket process...

Hate to be contrary but.....

The few tickets I've raised have always been handled exceptionally well, I have no complaints, and cannot praise the (few) support staff I have dealt with nearly enough.

My favourite experience was receiving a response within 8 minutes of placing a ticket.....on a Sunday afternoon!!

Now that's service Cheesy

Re: Frustration with ticket process...

I'm still finding that the first response is frequently meaningless as the agent hasn't really read the ticket, and then there's never an apology from the next agent

Ah, well that's probably because PN measure their "success" at "closing" tickets on the basis of how soon they first respond.

The ticket stats on the status page describe "closure" times, when in fact they mean "first response" times.

Result: they just whizz a reply off to meet their targets. Can sympathise with the CSC staff really. Doesn't make it right though.

Frustration with ticket process...

Not true any more!

The number of tickets CS Analysts are targeted on answering has been reduced (significantly)

Also the focus has been shifted to First Contact Fixes, hence the upturn in PN phoning where clarification is required, rather than going backwards and forwards (in theory at least)

Inevitably there will be a number of agents whose skills/experience requires significant development (trying to by kind!) and the TSM's will be working hard to achieve this.

I've deliberately left figures out, because I can't remember them off the top of my head - I'm sure the Comms team could enlighten us on the new focus/direction.....
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Frustration with ticket process...

They have recently published the results of the Customer Feedback Survey for January: Linky

If you can't open .ppt files, you can get the viewer here (Link)

The previous set of results is here
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Frustration with ticket process...

Yep, the focus we have within support is on quality and on aiming for a first time fix. That's not always possible of course if for example we need to ask questions of course, but here or where tickets could get to the point of ticket tennis Analysts are encouraged to just pick up the phone and resolve the issue.

We've done a lot of analysis of tickets over the last year or so to see what customers are asking and why tickets will be replied to and in particular why some tickets have multiple replies and in doing so turning them into first or second time fixes.

We can also therefore easier pickout where there are knowledge gaps and where training is required; a lot of the shift managers' time is spent on training and coaching and development.