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Frustrated? Just a bit!

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Registered: 26-09-2007

Frustrated? Just a bit!

This really is the limit....I've logged my fault of line drops yet again.It's now the 5th time of doing so.Whenever there is hot or wet weather,my broadband 512k connection will drop every 2 mins or so.

The previous times that a BT engineer has visited,I'm told that the fault lies with an underground stretch of cable that needs to be replaced.On every occasion,my equipment checks out ok until the next period of weather.......I can guarantee that as soon as the weather normalises my connection will be ok.

Given these results the fault does indeed lie with BT and not Plusnet.So why am I complaining here? Because no one at Plusnet will give an answer to my question of when will BT get to my premises!
I can't ring BT direct as they only speak to ISP's.In fact,an operative of foreign origin,told me that they are forbidden to give the number out!