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From PPPoE to PPPoA


From PPPoE to PPPoA

I have purchased a Addon ARM 8100 4 port Modem Router. All seems to have installed well but when it trys to connect using PPPoE it gives error 678 the remote computer did not respond. After waiting for over an hour on the phone to technical support I was informed I need to change my settings to PPPoA...... I have searched for a way to do this but cannot find out how....

Can anyone help please.....? Cry
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From PPPoE to PPPoA

Hi there

I cant find out much about this router but from what i have been able to find the option should be in the setup page as it is with most routers

Second tab along from the left is setup if you enter that pppoa should be there in a drop down box along with pppoe & bridged etc

From PPPoE to PPPoA

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with that type of router, however, as PPoA is the UK standard, I would have imagined that this aspect should have been covered in the user documentation or help files. If not, the manufacturers site may have the info you need.

<edit> You beat me to it Bill and found out more than I managed to Smiley